Corporate identity and name branding

At Peachy Spot we can offer you a professional corporate identity design service. Our corporate identity design packages are also great if your thinking about giving your business a re-brand or a fresh new look. Peachy Spot is proud to say that we have helped companies all over the work brand their business.

Some companies will offer you cheap logo design, but from our experience, that’s basically what you get! At Peachy Spot, we talk to you to find out what is required for your branding and what your goals are. We also take time to research your product and competitors. Only then do we proceed with designing your logo. Our normal process is to design our clients two separate logo’s then give you the option of choosing the logo of your choice or making amendments to the designed logo’s, or if you don’t like our work we’ll create you something totally different (we’ve never had an unhappy client yet).

When your happy with your logo we will then supply you the logo in a high res JPG / PDF / EPS format, which cover any format you will ever need. We can even supply you a low res jpg so you can use the logo yourself in your own documents and presentations.