B.SEO Companies

Ask for References

Good SEO companies should be able to provide you with references. Search Engine Optimisation is an art that is learned over a long period of time. Search Engine Optimisation is a combination of special technical skills coupled together with the ability to probe data, analysing competitors, the main factor being having the ability to join all these skills together merged with common sense on peoples search patterns within Google and other major search engines.

Informative Reports

A good SEO company should have a very strong track record of their achievements. On a monthly basis / weekly basis we supply all our SEO clients with detailed reports, letting them know exactly what’s happening on their website and also what’s happening with their ranks within Google. Right from the word go we place analytical tracking data on your website and we run informative reports before we make any decisions on the way forward. These reports are not only about search engine optimisation, but how your site is performing at present an points out to us any main structural amendments that may have to happen on your website for you to maximise your return of investment for your search engine optimisation period.

Information is Knowledge

Information is knowledge and in the case of SEO information is everything, without the hardcore facts of what’s happening on your website, it would make it impossible to determine a way forward or if a company does not do this, your SEO could be mainly down to just guess work.

Client Relationships

We want to build client relationships that will last. We grow most of our business through word of mouth. At present most of our business is gained by returning customers. We want you to succeed and we want to keep your business.